What You Need To Know When Purchasing Rattan Garden Furniture

Your garden is an extension of your home, so outdoors furnishing deserves your attention. It is not about putting out there a barbecue grill along with cheap PVC table and chairs acquired at a local chain store, but buying durable furniture such as rattan garden furniture.

Now, and forgive the stating of the obvious, before you choose your rattan outdoor furniture sets you must take into account your garden size and landscaping dimensions. You do not want a set or sets to be to big and overwhelming. A good way to do this would be sketching your garden on paper then adding your rattan furniture item in mind at strategic spots. This will give you an idea of the composition.

You now have an idea of the size of your rattan outdoor furniture set and the next step is the material and its maintenance. Being a native palm tree species from Asia, Africa and Australasia, rattan is known for its fast growing ability and thus its harvesting doesn’t contribute the deforestation scourge.

Rattan is similar to bamboo but this is a timber vine like cane, which raw form is processed to produce wood and materials to manufacture furniture, but also mats and baskets because the cane of its nearly 600 species range from a few millimeters up to 5-7 cm in diameter.

Rattan outdoor furniture sets are also not just sourced from natural sources, but there is also synthetic rattan garden furniture. When termed synthetic, the materials used are mostly plastics, aluminum and synthetic resin. However both types, natural or synthetic are designed for easy maintenance, even in an outdoor environment.

Rattan furniture is mostly imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, country that produces 80% of the rattan trade worldwide. This timber accepts stains and paints, so you will easily find garden furniture in different color and styles such as the innovative rattan cube furniture.

Rattan furniture can have an refined and expensive look to it and some people may prefer to keep it indoors. However, both the natural and synthetic types of rattan are waterproof and long-lasting.

Rattan garden furniture, synthetic rattan garden furniture, and rattan cube furniture look great in almost any garden landscaping or terrace. Cleaning your rattan outdoor furniture sets are as easy as wiping the surface with a wet cloth or brushing the dust out. Although rattan furniture can be washed with cleaners, soapy solutions or water without drying or splitting.

If you are under the impression that rattan furniture only comes in Asian styles and do not feel it will fit into your home or landscape, you may be surprised when you do some shopping. With new and progressive designs out there like rattan cube furniture, the woven timber pieces can actually make a space look and feel more novel and modern.

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