Top 10 elements of garden design

There are a few garden design rules to follow, but there is no police who comes and forces you to follow them. So, don’t worry; you are doing it to please yourself and not anyone else. So, you can modify them and give a personalised look to your garden. There are ten main elements of garden design. So, let us discuss those elements in detail now…

1. Line:

Line is one of the most important things, as everything involves line; be it horizontal, vertical, straight or curved, and each of them creates a different impact on the viewers. The type of line will lead the visitor and it will decide what the visitor will see and where he will go.

2. Balance:

Balance should be created by drawing an axis with respect to the front door or any other object. If one side is focused more, all the attention will go to that side and the other side of the garden will be totally neglected. The balance can be of two types: symmetrical as well as asymmetrical.

3. Light:

Light creates a huge impact in the garden; it changes the look of the plants and trees. The front lighting enhances the look of the entrance, the backlighting highlights a particular plant or area, where as side lightings are perfect for a safe walk paths.

4. Texture:

The texture plays an important role in the garden; it creates the mood. This texture of the plants is divided into three main categories; coarse, medium and fine.

5. Form:

The form of the plants play an important role, as it helps in dividing the space and enclose the areas which makes it easier for visitors to understand where they are supposed to step in and where they are not.

6. Scale:

The scale or proportion is also one of the most important factors to consider. For example: a 30 foot long tree will look inappropriate in the small patio. So, make sure you plan the right size before bringing in anything to your outdoors.

7. Contrast:

The contrast is the creating a difference between an object in the garden and its surroundings. So, contrast is good, but do not overdo it otherwise it will look unpleasing, confusing and unrelaxing.

8. Variety:

You can use various varieties of plants; just like you serve variety of dishes to the guests incited for dinner. Make sure you make the landscape interesting by showing up the variety from the entrance itself.

9. Colour:

Colour has got the strength to change our moods; the colour of the plants and trees reflects the season. The single colour garden represents the simplicity; while combining the colours can help in expressing the personality.

10. Pattern:

Pattern is nothing, but repeating the shapes in order. It helps in creating a fixed rhythm which will reflect uniformity and symmetry.

Now that you know the elements of garden design, it is advisable to consider all of them to make the best landscapes to your house. Good luck with that!

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