Tips On Making Better Flower Photos

When making pictures of a flower garden, learn some tricks from the professionals. This article shows you some simple things you can do to enhance the quality of your flower photos a great deal.

Having bright sunlight when you are taking photos of your garden and flowers is usually not the best choice, although you may enjoy the garden most on such days.

Your eyes can adapt quickly to different levels of light, but the camera has a more limited capability to capture strong contrasts. Harsh contrasts between sunlit and shadowy areas are not what you want in a good flower picture.

Overcast days may be less pleasing for you, but they do produce a type of light which tends to give pleasing results for your flower photographs. Therefore, try shooting flowers on such days, and notice the result.

You can use various other techniques to get the right background and the right type of lighting for pictures of flowers and gardens.

Digital cameras nowadays always have a zoom lens. By zooming in, you get a smaller portion of the background; while if you use a wide angle setting, you get more of the background. Therefore, you can eliminate distracting details by zooming in – ie. using a telephoto setting.

The professionals have a knack for making pictures at special times of day, such as early in the morning or near sunset. This is because the light is very special then, and the pictures are likely to be more pleasing. You can try this technique also, and add new qualities to your photos.

Professional photographers often use reflectors to shine extra light where it is needed. You can try using a mirror, or some other reflective object, to bring out the beauty of some little flower standing in a dark corner of the garden. You will be amazed at the difference!

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Better Flower Making Photos Tips

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