The Vegetable Garden And A Landscape Plan

A landscape plan should be flexible in every way and can be adapted readily to any small property. If the house is of different shape or is differently placed, any of the trees, shrubs paths. etc., can be shifted to meet requirements.

If a larger or smaller area for vegetables is wanted, a hedge can be moved one way or the other. Whether the vegetable garden is enclosed by a fence or hedge will depend upon preference. If an open front lawn is the local custom omit the front hedge.

It is advisable to plant the entire area within a single year – that is by spring and fall planting in the same year.

If obtained from a nursery when plants are from 3 to 3 feet high, the taller growing shrubs will soon attain a good height and spread. Also, this size shrub can be purchased more economically. Lower-growing shrubs for foundation plantings are best obtained when they are from 18 to 24 inches high. From 10 to 12 feet is a good size at which to purchase shade trees; from 5 to 6 feet, a good size or flowering trees.

Of course the cost will vary with the particular locality, but in the sizes referred to here, the cost of the plants should average between $ 800 and $ 1000.

The plant material should be selected for its suitability to the region in which it is to be used. Within each region there are many variations in climatic conditions. Plants for the Northern Plains have been selected for their extreme hardiness. The East and Midwest (except for northerly areas) have a much wider selection. The choice becomes even wider for the Southeast and the Southwest. Local nurserymen can suggest many suitable substitutions or additions to this list of planting material.

Garden Landscape Plan Vegetable

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