The Perfect Herbs For A Kitchen Herb Garden

Why should you settle for pricey store-bought herbs when you can have fresh herbs anytime with a kitchen herb garden? Herbs are becoming popular day after day, most especially that famous culinary countries like Italy and China introduced their delectable dishes rich with herbs. Just ask any expert cook, and they would tell you that the ideal cuisines in the world includes food prepared and cooked with different herb varieties. If you wish to have an indoor herb garden, you don’t need a huge space. A smalls pot in your windowsill will do. It doesn’t need to be big because herb plants can grow anywhere and on any soil types. setting up a kitchen herb garden can also help minimize the space you need, simply because you can use pots or containers. If you love using herbs in your cooking like me, then I’m sure that you also believe that fresh homegrown herbs are a far better option than commercially available ones. It would also come in handy if you need a safe alternative for illness. By planting indoor herbs that you always use in cooking, you can have fresh herbs all year round and take advantage of the zest it will bring to your cooking. It’s relatively simple, and I’ll show you how.

Herbs are categorized into annuals and perennials.Those that grow during normal season and dies when the temperature hits freezing are called annual herbs. Some good examples of annuals are parsely, cilantro, marjoram, chamomile, chervil, dill and basil.Perennial herbs are those that grow year after year.Every year they only produce new leaves and continues to grow. Herbs of this kind are chives, lemon, mint, balm, thyme, lavender, tarragon, sage, lovage and hyssop.

If you are new to herb planting, it’s ideal to start with plants. The reason behind this is that the commonly used herbs for cooking are hard to begin from seed. Today, we will look into the many uses of some favorite culinary herbs that you can add into your kitchen herb garden.Are you ready to learn?

1. Sage – This is a perennial herb that is very popular to herb growers. It has a potent flavor and is widely used because it is available in a lot of varieties.In Germany, the ‘Berggarten’ is very famous. However, the Sage is traditionally used in bread and also as a dressing for pork.

2. Parsley – is biennial. This type of herb plant grows in two seasons then dies.After 2 seasons, it will need replacement.Italy loves dishes garnished and mixed with parsley.This herb has a tangy flavor which can be best mixed with salads, sauces, dressings, and soups.The Japanese parsley is also getting quite a reputation in the culinary world.People say that Japanese cuisine is a nice blend of Italian parsley and celery leaves.Its also used in soups and for garnishing.

3. Thyme (perennial) – this is a perennial plant that grows about a foot tall and then spreads wider. This is a special herb that has tiny flowers which can accent rock gardens, pathways and can beautifully carpet any garden.French thyme is by far the most extensively used, and is popularly known for the exceptional flavor it lends to meats and vegetables. It has a spicy and distinctive scent that can be used well to spice up cooked veggies or as a garnish for salads.Lemon thyme is also perfect for its aromatic foliage.

4. Rosemary (perennial) -this herb is a member of the mint family, and is extensively known as the oldest herb.The plant is best known for its ability to improve memory and alleviate headaches.It gives a distinct flavor to poultry, breads as well as veggies.

Needless to say, selecting herb plants for your kitchen herb garden is both fun and exciting. Just don’t get too carried away, or you might end up buying more plants than you can handle!

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