The Joy of Having an Herb Garden

Starting your own herb garden can be a terrific way to spice up your life and save a little money at the same time. Some herbs are even said to have certain healing properties, an added plus to having your on herb garden. And the best thing is that its fairly easy to grow your own herbs. You don’t even have to have a big yard because even if you live in an apartment you can get a little window box to grow your herbs in. You will love the taste of your food and may even be inspired to cook more when you take the opportunity to experiment with all of your wonderful herbs and see how great they can be. After buying your soil and the container you will grow your herbs in if your not going to plant them in a garden you will want to decide exactly which herbs you wish to grow. There is a wide variety of herbs to choose from so you will want to read up on them in order to decide which ones you will like the most. Much of the decision depends on the variety of foods you enjoy cooking and eating. Here we will take a look at some of the more popular herbs in order to give you an idea of what is out there.

Rosemary – Rosemary is best known for its ability to compliment potatoes, especially red potatoes, but the tasteful herb also goes great with poultry dishes as well. Both the needles and the flowers of the plant may be used in cooking and even the stems have a use. Stems work great as skewers for any kind of kabobs and will give your meat and veggies an excellent touch of flavor. Rosemary is also known to strengthen the memory which is an added bonus.

Basil – Basil is generally thought of as an Italian spice but is often used in Indian dishes as well. because basil comes in a variety of flavors it is a very versatile herb. Some of the more common flavors that pair well with basil are tomatoes, eggplant, meats, and pepper.

Oregano – Oregano is another herb known to compliment Italian food and is an excellent addition to pizza as well. Paired great with tomatoes this is an terrific herb to give your pasta sauces an added kick.

Cilantro – Although a little less common than those mentioned previously cilantro is becoming more and more popular as Latin food is infused more and more into the American culture. Cilantro is sometimes referred to as Chinese parsley but is used more often in dishes that have a little Latin or Indian spice to them.

Parsley – Parsley is one of the most commonly used herbs and goes great with almost any meal and is easy to grow as well. Parsley can also add an additional serving of vitamin C to your diet as well as flavinoids.

Now that you have a few herbs to get you going you get started on adding a little spice to your meals everyday.

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