The Five S’s of Gardening

There are approximately five S’s that must be known before one can start gardening. It is as easy as saying the ABC’s, except actually easier because you do not have to worry about twenty five other letters.

Selection is the first S: it is the beginning, the foundation, the point of all commencement. That being said select produce that you are going to enjoy growing so you can maintain an interest in your garden as time passes.

Don’t waste your time growing things that you do not care for. There are some different plants that are going to grow easier than others, for example lettuce is very easily cultivated along with bush beans and squash.

So if you are growing plants because they are easy those would be a few goods ones to start with. However, it is best to grow plants that you know your family is going to enjoy.

Of course, as a gardener you should also be looking to broaden your horizon and grow as many plants as possible. Who knows maybe one of your children will develop a taste for spinach.

S number two is Site. If it is out of sight it is going to be out of mind.

Place your garden by a walkway or somewhere in the back yard where you can see it from the kitchen window. Put it somewhere where you are not going to forget about it.

All you have to do is invest ten minutes into your garden each day, and with that you will have a successful crop. It is also good to get it in a relatively flat area close to water.

S number three is Size. Do not bite of more than you can chew.

It is better to have a garden that you can easily manage than it is to have the biggest garden on the block. Start small with a three by six foot garden patch.

Eighteen square feet of garden is going to be easily managed without problems, well, at least it should be. After you have gotten used to the smaller garden then you may be ready to move up to the larger garden patches.

Soil is number four. Soil is going to be a big part of your garden.

Soil is like a fish’s water but for plants. You will need a lot of organic matter and nutrients in the soil for the plants in your garden to grow properly.

Old garbage like fish remains are going to make some good fertilizer or you can invest in some fertilizer from your local nursery. It is also recommended that you till the soil thoroughly so the soil is loamy and fast draining.

The fifth and final S is sun. Sunlight is a key part of a plants life.

Plants live by converting sunlight into sugars. This is called photosynthesis, but you already knew that.

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