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Get Your Hands Dirty by Planting a Garden


by Theen … Growing your own garden is something that every grown up should do at least once. There is a lot of happiness and joy to be found in the growing and nurturing of a garden. Even if you are brand new at gardening you should be able to plant and grow at least a couple of simple or ...

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Companion Planting Vegetables For Increased Crops


by Tiny Banquet Committee Companion planting in your vegetable garden is a great way to increase the size of the crop you will have when it comes time to harvest. The right combination of vegetables planted together improves growth, reduces disease, encourages beneficial insects to thrive in the garden, and discourages pests. But companion planting vegetables does have it’s drawbacks, ...

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Gardening Hobbies Herb Planting & Development


by Amber Karnes Gardening by itself has become quite a popular thing to do, it is both fulfilling and relaxing at the same time, why not get something back out of your garden by planting herbs. One important part of herb gardening is drying the herbs for use during the winter months, especially if you plan on cooking with them. ...

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Starting A Vegetable Garden Planting Bed – Five Queries You Need To Answer


by jonpalmer Before you invest plenty of your money and time in a vegetable garden planting bed, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Frequently time’s gardeners are extraordinarily excited to get their gardens planted and go out and purchase too many gardening supplies. Then when they start planting their materials they realize they haven’t planned their ...

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Spring Planting your Flower Garden


by bilbord99 As warmer weather starts to prevail over the southeast, everyone wants to get a jump on spring and start your gardens and flowerbeds. Preparing now is a fine idea, however don’t go and buy those plants just yet, or you will be buying more to replace them. The average frost date for western North Carolina and north Georgia ...

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Planting And Designing By Millersville Garden Landscaping Company

Ascott House Gardens, Buckinghamshire, UK | National Trust garde

by ukgardenphotos When thinking of wonderful items and plants to use in your garden, try hiring Millersville Garden Landscapers. They can design the most fabulous garden you can imagine. They work beautifully with gravel and rock, boulders and walkways. They create wonderful stepping stone areas of flagstone and other pavers that lead to the beauty of the different garden spaces ...

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Planting and Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden


by labbradolci (Save the Monarchs, Plant Milkweed)) Interested in growing organic? For many, it’s the only way to grow. When starting an organic vegetable garden you must start from the ground up. Compost is the key to a lush, bountiful organic garden. If you don’t already have your own compost, check with your local municipality. Most give away leaf compost ...

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