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Using Herbs from a Home Herb Garden


by robynejay Herbs are so beneficial. They can be very beautiful to look at. They taste great and can have medicinal properties that you may not quite understand yet. No body said it would be easy, like going to your local store to pick up your favourite herbs to add to your cooking is part of your shopping chores. To ...

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Good Tips For Landscaping Your Home


by unefunge The notion that landscaping involves only the incorporation of trees and shrubs into the setting of your front yard or backyard is wrong; landscaping also has to do with the construction of walls and fences that frame and further beautify the house. Whether you want to layer your garden, re-do your frontyard or have a make over done ...

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Using Your Home Herb Garden Herbs


by Green Mountain Girls Farm Let’s face it; planting herbs in your garden and watching them grow is one thing, but actually being able to use them requires a little bit more work on your part. Before you can actually make use of the herbs, you will need to get them harvested. This can be a bit harder than it ...

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Tools for use at home and garden


by Ronald (Ron) Douglas Frazier Keeping a home and garden clean and tidy is a difficult job, if done manually but the moment you take tools, the job becomes convenient even entertaining. There is greenery in and around your property and you want to take advantage of the green surrounding. You need some tools to achieve your objective. Take a ...

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Many Uses for Herbs from Your Home Garden


by Jim Linwood You have watched the home herb garden you planted flourish and grow. You can use these herbs for so many things. However, before using them you have a bit of work to do. Before your herbs are used, you will need to harvest them and timing is a big factor. You want to preserve the essential oils ...

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Garden Machinery: Five Basic Types For Your Home


by Michigan Municipal League (MML) Gardens are beautiful additions to any home. A well-manicure lawn and colourful flowers can add to the relaxing atmosphere of your abode. But it takes time, effort and money to be able to maintain a nice garden. With the help of basic garden machinery, though, you can keep your garden from growing weeds. Below are ...

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Landscape maintenance tips for your home


by Gail Johnson In a normal household, landscape maintenance comprises of pool cleaning, lawn mowing and gardening. Out of all these, pool cleaning is usually the most cumbersome task and a lot of people prefer hiring a pool cleaning service for taking care of the pool. If you follow some expert tips, the entire task of landscape maintenance can be ...

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Tools for use at home & garden


by CGIAR Climate If you are able to maintain your home & garden in good condition, you won’t feel the need to go to another place for rest and relaxation. Keep the outdoor clean and also prepare some area for plantation work. You can create a green lawn at the backyard and also plant some fruit trees on the front. ...

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