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A Quick Guide To Rock Garden Landscaping


by wintersoul1 Not every single landscape is perfect and having a rock garden will help in a lot of those areas. You might have an area which is just too shaded and you cannot have plants due to the fact there just is not enough sun during the day to help them grow, or you may have an area that ...

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Garden Tips For Beginners


by Gail Johnson Many individuals these days are trying to find ways to be healthier and one way that people are doing that is by eating more fruits and vegetables. Surely eating healthier will make you look and feel much better about yourself but if you want to get even more satisfaction out of your new healthier lifestyle you should ...

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Get Your Hands Dirty by Planting a Garden


by Theen … Growing your own garden is something that every grown up should do at least once. There is a lot of happiness and joy to be found in the growing and nurturing of a garden. Even if you are brand new at gardening you should be able to plant and grow at least a couple of simple or ...

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Interior Rendering Garden of Eden


by timothy terway This is one of the few places a person can find peace after a hard day’s work. Family members and their guests can relax and have a drink. The hidden benefits of backyard landscape Beautiful; landscaped backyard is the best area in the home. With this understanding, gardeners can now bring these elements to make unified and ...

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The Joy of Having an Herb Garden


by Amber Karnes Starting your own herb garden can be a terrific way to spice up your life and save a little money at the same time. Some herbs are even said to have certain healing properties, an added plus to having your on herb garden. And the best thing is that its fairly easy to grow your own herbs. ...

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How To Start Your Own Herb Garden


by bugg_tb Beginning herb gardeners may worry about which types of herbs they should grow. There are many different herbs available, and some are more difficult to grow than others. There are a few types of herbs that are especially easy to grow for beginners. These are generally more hardy plants that don’t require a lot of fertilizer or special ...

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Planning Your Own Herb Garden


by Amber Karnes If you are anything like the average herb gardener, it can be daunting task researching through seed catalogs and trying to choose just a few varieties of herbs to plant. There are so many types of herbs to plant that you are probably tempted to plant almost all of them.But most of us don’t have the space ...

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