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Create a Flower Garden That Draws the Birds and Bees


by FlickrDelusions Perhaps you’ve made up your mind to create a garden that can be enjoyed by not only you, but by nature’s insects, birds and creatures too. Yet, do you have many gardening questions that need to be answered? Flower gardening for wildlife involves several different components. Most creatures like to live near a water feature, where they can ...

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Spring Planting your Flower Garden


by bilbord99 As warmer weather starts to prevail over the southeast, everyone wants to get a jump on spring and start your gardens and flowerbeds. Preparing now is a fine idea, however don’t go and buy those plants just yet, or you will be buying more to replace them. The average frost date for western North Carolina and north Georgia ...

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Container Flower Gardening


by Emertz76 If you are like most people the pleasure of seeing fresh, vibrant and colorful blooms is one of the greatest delights of both the spring and summer seasons. You don’t need to be a gardening expert to produce your own. Anyone can plant, grow, and enjoy their own pleasurable flower garden regardless of where they live. It doesn’t ...

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Flower Gardening 101 – The Basics


by Theen … Do you desire to landscape your home and yard surroundings with beautiful and colorful flowers? What better way to make your home a peaceful, lovely, and enchanting place for all to admire. No matter what season it is; winter, spring, summer or fall, flowers can dramatically enhance the atmosphere in which they are living. There are a ...

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Tips On Making Better Flower Photos


by kathleenleavitt When making pictures of a flower garden, learn some tricks from the professionals. This article shows you some simple things you can do to enhance the quality of your flower photos a great deal. Having bright sunlight when you are taking photos of your garden and flowers is usually not the best choice, although you may enjoy the ...

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Converting a Weed Garden to a Manageable Flower Garden

Flower garden on ridge

by anarchitect Recently I must have had sucker tattooed on my forehead because just when I thought my summer gardening season was winding down into a nice relaxed not hard labor kind of fall a friend baited me into a conversation about their landscaping and the outcome was I ended up helping them redesign a garden. Some where along the ...

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How To Grow A Flower Garden That Attracts Wildlife


by Sheba_Also 11.8 Millon Views Flower gardening truly is an art. With each yearly garden, you can dream up more ideas on how to enhance your backyard environment. Lots of people enjoy reading about tips on how to attract various creatures to their gardens. As a youngster, you may recall chasing colorful butterflies, but maybe you rarely see them anymore. ...

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Protecting And Caring For Your Flower Garden


by jbalfus Numerous insects and diseases attack flowering plants in the garden and so regular spraying or dusting is an essential to the maintenance of bloom around the house. Flower beds should be hoed or cultivated regularly to keep down weeds and maintain the soil in good condition. Do not use fertilizers high in nitrogen for flowering plants. High nitrogen ...

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Getting Into Flower Gardening


by .renatabritto A lot of people love to stop and smell the flowers and to admire them but not a lot of people understand the hard work that goes into flower gardening. Flower gardening is certainly just as hard as any other type of gardening and sometimes, even harder. There is a lot of planning and maintenance that has to ...

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