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The Basics of Small Garden Planning


by Basinbah Out in rural Washington State, there is more than enough land to create as large a garden as you like. However if you’re like those of us in more urban environments, the space to plant a garden is a scarcity. That is why it’s important to know what to look for in that nook, niche, corner or rooftop ...

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Home Vegetable Garden Basics: Convenience & Exposure


by Ezequiel Coelho Many people think that the first criteria when picking the “best spot” for a home vegetable garden is good soil; however, although good soil is important, good soil is made, not found. You can rebuild the soil once the spot has been chosen. When you are choosing where you want your home vegetable garden patch to be, ...

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Home Herb Garden Basics


by RachelF2SEA A home herb garden cultivated in your backyard can be a haven for instant comfort in times of medical related emergencies. I will teach you how you can breed your own herb garden at home. Ready to start? Alright, let’s get this ball rolling. Let’s first discuss how to plant a home herb garden external your home.You can ...

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Gardening Tools, The Basics


by agriculturede It seems that home improvement stores are making their gardening supply and nursery stocks more expansive year by year. I think this is because DIY lawn and garden care is the easiest to break into as a homeowner. You can buy gardening products in various stores or nurseries, or you can order gardening products from catalogs, or even ...

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Learning The Basics On Garden Landscaping


by jens_liquen If you are a novice in the art of garden landscaping then you will need to learn about the basic concepts of this beautiful art. Getting the basic grip before getting started will give you much more confidence and you will be doing more landscaping designs in no time. The top five basics when starting in landscaping design ...

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