Reasons For Using Mulch In A Wilmington Garden

Mulch is a garden material that gardeners will lay over the surface of the soil in their garden for a number of different reasons. They use it because it helps the soil to retain moisture and also the right kind of mulch can improve the soils condition also. In this article we look at little more closely at the way in which the mulch, Wilmington gardeners is used.

Of all the things that a gardener can do in their garden, laying down some mulch on soil which is exposed to the elements ensures that the plants will remain healthy. This type of material is actually very effective if the correct amount is laid down at preventing moisture loss from the soil.

Another benefit to be gained from laying this kind of material in your garden is that it actually prevents weeds from growing. However, in order for the mulch to be affective it needs to be applied correctly. By laying too much or using the wrong kind of material can actually cause harm rather than be beneficial to the plants you have growing.

When using mulch materials, many gardeners like to use bark, straw, sawdust or leaves on their gardens. However, you need to make sure that when you are applying such materials to your garden you leave space around the base of your plants. This then provides the soil underneath and into which the plants roots have grown to collect the nutrients, water and oxygen the plant needs in order to grow.

The quality of mulch material you use in your garden should be of a very high standard. If it is badly prepared or the mulch is of the wrong (sour mulch) sort then this actually is extremely harmful to your plants. The sour mulch is a material that will contain high levels of toxins and these could have an adverse affect on your plants growth.

When it comes to how much mulch you should be laying in your Wilmington garden it will depend on which type of materials it is made from. Plus also the type of soil on to which the mulch is also going to be laying on needs to be taken into consideration as well. Where you have soil that is sandy then you need to lay down a layer of mulch that is between 3 and 4 inches in depth. Doing this will actually help the soil to retain moisture that seeps through the mulch from above much better.

Although you can purchase ready prepared mulch for your garden from nurseries and garden centers if you have the space you can actually save money and make your own. In fact the grass clippings that you collect every time you mow the lawn are perfect as a mulch material. But these are better put to use in your vegetable plot rather than on your flower beds.

It is important to remember that if you have an organic garden then you need to use organic mulch. Most of the organic mulch, Wilmington gardeners will use is that made from shredded trees or from trimmings from their own gardens. This actual kind of mulch actually helps to enrich the soil as well as protect it and of course using it really means that your garden is truly organic if you have one.

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Garden Mulch Reasons Using Wilmington

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