Landscaping With Stone Techniques

When using landscaping with stone techniques you are essentially creating a very natural and rugged look. A garden that uses landscaping with stone techniques seeks to do away with a completely polished and neat look. You want your garden to be orderly but not bland or sterile.

Using rocks and stones, completely natural materials, is a good way of adding a little wilderness to your garden. Landscaping with stone techniques is so versatile that you can create the opposite effect and create neat and orderly lines in your garden with the right stones.

Natural and Wild

For a more rugged feel you want to use stones that are almost jagged, while not being sharp and harmful to people, pets and children. For this type of effect you can use stones to build a point of interest in the garden.

A stone wall in one section is a great idea to pull people’s attention. You can create a rustic feel by using the right plants around this area. Fieldstone is a wonderful stone to use in garden walls for a natural feel. A stone wall that feels rustic should have uneven stones of different sizes.

Another way to incorporate this type of landscaping with stone techniques is to create little ruins in your garden. A pile of rocks becomes interesting when there is a weather beaten statue of some kind or climbing plants that have brilliant flowers. You want a controlled abandoned feel when taking this approach. Think of ancient Greek ruins and take your inspiration from there.

Controlled Nature

Walkways are a great way to use landscaping with stone techniques. You can create pathways and walkways throughout your garden with natural stone pathways. If you are on a budget, or concerned about expense, then think about using Travertine pavers for the path. You can have this stone cut into patterns and shapes that take your fancy. This type of stone tends to vary between shades of tan and gray.

If you want some variety then use Bluestone, which comes in a variety of blues, tans and sometimes even purples. A variety of these colors laid out in a walkway are beautiful. This looks particularly good if you have matching patio furniture and a lot of greens and have a shady garden. Although they usually come in rectangular pieces they may not be exactly squared off, either have a contractor cut them perfectly or find a way to make this work in your pattern.

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Landscaping Stone Techniques

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