Landscaping a Flower Bed

When doing any sort of gardening or landscaping it is best to outline the situation, rather than going gung-ho attacking the yard with lawn tools. Design a plan, with step by step directions to follow.

Outline the specific area in the yard where the flowerbed is going to be placed. It doesn’t matter whether it is around a tree, underneath a window, or even off in the corner of the back yard; however, it is important to know where the bed will be positioned.

This is going to allow you to measure the area of soil needed. After you have decided where the flowers are going to be, decide what kind of flowers you want.

Are they roses, daffodils, sunflowers? This is going to make a big difference, each flower and every plant requires special attention, and like outlining the area of your flowerbed it is good to understand the flowers before you start planting them.

If you are going to go with the common annual flowers, you will be fine with soil that is set to a neutral ph. That basically means that hydrogen level in your soil is going to be around staple, not too acidic and not too alkaline.

A lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo for the common gardener, but if you have soil that is too acidic or even to alkaline then you will have trouble growing your flowers. There are a lot of ways to check the ph. of your garden; there are simple tests you guy buy from nursery and then you can even do a at home test with baking soda and vinegar.

Now that the flowers and the area are both outlined, it is time to start preparing the soil. The deeper the soil is tilled the better the plants are going to grow.

If you have thick hard soil like clay, you are going to want to till the soil heavily and amend it will some thinning fertilizers and maybe a foreign soil. You want the dirt to be easily picked up and worked with the hand.

If it will fall in clumps between your fingers that is good sign. Usually healthy soil is very dark, almost black looking.

Now finally for accenting your flower bed, you could use a variety of different techniques. I like pavers, or cinder blocks, to really make the bed stand out.

However make sure that whatever you are using to border your flower bed doesn’t distract or draw attention from the focal point of your yard. Don’t get anything that is going to become an eyesore over time; sticking with neutral colors is going to be your best bet when adding to your back yard.

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