Italian Herbs: The Best For Cooking

In both everyday Italian cooking and for medicinal reasons, Herbs are widely used. Are we on the same page? Italian Cuisine originated from the Mediterranean and is very healthy. That’s why it’s ideal to cultivate an Italian herb garden at home. About 95% of all Italian herbs can be propagated in North America anyway.

Some of the more regular plants found in an Italian herb garden are sage, parsley, thyme and rosemary. Now let’s talk about each one of them while exploring some herb laden dishes of Giada de Laurentiis and Mario Batali, two of the hottest Italian celebrity chefs today.

Before anything else, it is essential to note that all these herbs can be cultivated in North America because North America and the Mediterranean have the same climate. Our summers as well the winters all fall on the same months.

Basil is an crucial ingredient of any Italian cuisine. They are what make pesto sauce delectable and pleasing to the senses. Pesto sauces can be found served with most Italian dishes such as lasagna and spaghetti.

Fennel seeds is another imperative Italian cooking ingredient which must be grown in an Italian herb garden. Fennel seeds are used in molding meatballs which is a basic Italian recipe. Meatballs are one of the many ingredients which make genuine Italian spaghetti.

Let us now try to illustrate some of Giada de Laurentiis’s trdemark recipes which utilize Italian herbs. All of the following recipes utilize Italian herbs one way or the other: mozzarella, raspberry and brown sugar panini; egg, gorgonzola and pancetta sandwiches; and many more.

Let us now take a glimpse at Mario Batali’s recipes with the obligatory Italian herbs. Every time Mario whips up some of this tempting masterpieces, he uses a lengthy list of herb ingredients. Some of the things he cannot live without on his list are thyme, bush basil, marjoram, parsley and bay leaves.

The way these first class chefs prepare their foods can certainly contribute to a higher form of learning. What make their cooking simply enticing? The herb ingredients that they add in without a doubt. This is also the main reason why people are clamoring to visit Italy — they serve healthy and delicious food laden with nutritious herbs. As a matter of a fact, when I visited the country last due to business, I made sure that I was able to eat in a first class restaurant that offers their finest delicacies. I was incredibly glad to have tasted the top recipes in Italy. I actually made my husband promise to take me back to the same restaurant on our next trip to Italy! A food enthusiast I have always been and when I travel, I always make sure that I sample that country’s best cuisines.

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