How To Grow A Flower Garden That Attracts Wildlife

Flower gardening truly is an art. With each yearly garden, you can dream up more ideas on how to enhance your backyard environment. Lots of people enjoy reading about tips on how to attract various creatures to their gardens. As a youngster, you may recall chasing colorful butterflies, but maybe you rarely see them anymore. Most of us remember our first glimpse of a tiny, delicate hummingbird or the first time a dragonfly landed on our skin. There are specific plants which are perfect for luring these wonderful creatures to our yard. While you are free to include whatever flowers you’d like into your garden, adding a few carefully chosen wildlife favorites will give you much more to gaze upon.

If you are thinking about designing a garden that will catch the attention of song birds, then you can include several special shrubs, perennials, annuals, native and cultivated foliage to attract them to your backyard. By raising plants from each category, you can offer seeds and fruit for each time of year to keep your feathered friends singing throughout the year. Be sure to add a bird bath and put seeds out in the winter to keep your bird family content.

As well, think about the fact that, in addition to your blooms, birds are fond of trees for nesting, protection and shelter from the elements. Sometimes the trees even provide food such as seeds, berries and sap. You can choose deciduous trees such as hazelnut, American mountain ash, chestnut, dogwood, red mulberry, black walnut and sassafras, along with evergreen trees including American holly, red cedar, blue spruce, Douglas fir, white cedar, ponderosa pine and California juniper.

You may want to also consider flower gardening to appeal to red ladybugs and dragonflies too. These carnivores will eat the unsightly aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitoes and other pesky creatures that are doing damage to your garden. Favorite ladybug dinners include cilantro, dill, fennel, chamomile, cosmos, geraniums, penstemon, yarrow and coreopsis. Water gardens that are generally shallow but two feet deep in the center are a good way to attract dragonflies, who like a cool swim and places to hide beneath garden plants. They also like pond lilies, buttonbush, seedbox and horsetail rush, as these provide the species of cover dragonflies prefer.

If you’re flower gardening to attract butterflies, then you will want a place for the insects to gather water, to seek shelter from the sun and predators, together with areas to reproduce and feed. With the exception of monarchs and other migrators, butterflies normally don’t like to migrate too far from what they need, so if your yard has everything, you’re almost certain to keep these beautiful insects around. Garden supply stores online sometimes sell butterflies from farms that you can let loose in your backyard as soon as it’s all arranged to jump start the process.

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