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One of the most enriching hobbies that an individual can pursue is gardening. There is no other boon as spectacular as that of green fingers. However, anyone with an interest in gardening can acquire those coveted green fingers. Gardening is a great hobby because it is environment friendly and it helps the mind and the body to relax. There is nothing better than being around nature in your spare time and caring for plants. Even in gardening, the area that interest and intrigues the most is flower gardening. There are few things that provide a complete, enriching and rejuvenating experience like the one that flower gardening gives. There is nothing like opening your eyes to a world that is a riot of colors, one that has been created with your own hands and with days of effort and dedication. Before you embark upon flower gardening, you need to select the space where you will create your garden. You can either make an indoor garden or an outdoor one. Depending upon where you will start gardening, you have to choose the flowers. For first time gardeners, you should go for simple flowers like petunia, marigolds or violets. However, before going for the plants, you must do a bit of research on the environment that they require to grow. Then it is your duty to ensure that they get the optimum environment.

You also need to do some research on the space that the plants require. There are certain plants that can live happily in a bunch. Such plants are ideal for those gardeners who have space constraints. However, there are certain plants which grow best only when they are given a sufficient amount of space to grow. These plants are more suited to big gardens. Thus, you need to understand the individual need of each and every plant before you plant them in your garden.

The next thing that should concern you after space is light. Most plants need sufficient light to grow. However, there are different kinds of plants and some enjoy sunshine while others need more of shade. But the average amount of sunlight that a plant needs is six hours. But then, there are all kinds of plants that will suit the place you live in. be it twelve hours of continuous sunlight or insufficient light, you will find a kind of plant that suits the area. Another thing that you need to do some research on before you get the plants is the kind of temperature that suits your plant.

The quality of the soil is another thing that needs careful consideration. Go for plants that suit the kind of soil you have. You can go for a soil test to be sure of the quality of your soil before you choose the plants. Once you know about the soil quality, you can take measures to improve it, if required.

After extensive research on all these issues, you have to get to work. It is best not to force any plant to adjust to the conditions. Rather, it is better to choose the plants according to the conditions that you can afford. Start off only after you know enough about the plants that you are going to incorporate into the garden. If you put in the required amount of hard work, your flower garden will start blooming in no time. Once you see your garden flourish, trust me, it is going to be the greatest reward ever.

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