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If you daydream about have a thriving garden filled with luscious green plants, colorful flowers and bustling wildlife, you need to consider what is required in order to turn your dream into reality. If you go in without knowing what you’re doing, you’ll be putting in a lot of hard work for nothing. You’ll never experience the fun that comes with gardening. Following are a few tips that can make your gardening time more fun and less work.

Snails may be sprayed with an ammonia and water mixture. Ammonia is harmless to your plants, and it breaks down into nitrogen that will help fertilize them. The snails, on the other hand, will be killed by the solution and no longer damage your garden. An ammonia and water mixture is safe enough for daily use.

Prior to planting your garden, devise a plan. Use this to remind you where certain things were planted, later when they start sprouting. It can also keep you from planting any of your garden favorites too close to each other.

For weeds that aren’t in the middle of your plants, use boiling water to kill their roots. Water is cheaper than chemical herbicides, and less hazardous to humans and soil. Although this method is organic, it does pose a danger to your plants. The extreme heat of the water will cause damage to the weeds’ roots, which will stop them from growing any more.

Get the most value from your property. Landscaping can make the value of your property go up. Investing in the right plants could raise the resale value of your property by at least 20%. For landscaping your yard, pick out plant species that fit your climate and require little watering.

Your plants need to be kept dry, but sill receiving a good amount of air. Excess moisture on a plant will invite unwanted parasites or diseases to the plant. Fungi is a common problem in the world of plants. Sprays and liquids exist that are perfect for killing the fungi, but be sure you use it on the area before the fungi actually appear.

To keep dogs from disturbing your garden, spray some old aftershave, cologne, perfume or other strongly-scented products in the dirt or grass surrounding it. This will mask any scents that might attract your dog and make your garden less interesting to him.

Peas have a better chance of survival when their seeds are started indoors as opposed to outside, exposed to the elements. Install your plants inside and wait for the seeds to germinate. This method also results in hardier seedlings that can better resist insects and disease. Once the seedlings are sturdy enough, they can be transplanted to their rightful place in the garden.

As this article noted earlier, gardening is an enjoyable and productive means of garnering fresh food in the privacy of your own backyard. You can be proud that you used fruits and veggies that you grew in your meals. Follow these tips to garden efficiently and enjoy it.

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