Garden Tools – A Simple Guide For The Necessities

Gardening tools are absolutely necessary for the small garden, but because so few tools are really needed, buy only basic high-quality gardening tools which will last you for many years. When purchasing tools, be sure the tools are the right size for you, as well as the job at hand, too small or too large a tool will make extra work.

If you maintain your tools well, they will serve you well. When storing your tools keep a roll of paper towels handy to wipe off mud and dry the tools, then apply a light coating of oil to prevent rust. Hoes, spades and shovels will get dull with use and not cut into the earth smoothly, but they can easily be sharpened with a 10 in. mill bastard file. Shears and clippers should also be sharpened on a regular basis, but it may be best to have a professional do this job. It is amazing how much better and safer tools work when they are sharp.

A checklist of hand tools for a small garden could include the following:

* Spade
* Trench spade
* Spading fork
* Steel bow rake
* Common hoe
* Pointed hoe
* Strong cord for laying out rows
* Stakes
* A small wheel barrow or garden cart
* Watering hoses
* Gardening gloves
* Gardening shoes

Gardening with your children is a wonderful opportunity for fun family participation. However, don’t make it too difficult for them to actually work in the garden, think about investing in child sized gardening tools. These tools are readily available, and will make a huge difference in their enthusiasm. .

An advantage of a smaller garden is that it is not necessary to use power tools while maintaining your plot, if you do feel the need for power tools the most useful and popular is probably the rotary tiller. Tillers can always be rented, but unfortunately when you need one you may not find one available, so buying a tiller is an option.

Once again buy the best that you can afford; you want to be able to use it and not have it in the repair shop when you need it the most. They obviously come in different styles with front tillers and rear tillers and in different sizes. Most gardeners prefer to the rear tillers style due to the ease of operation. Because of the expense involved, it would be wise to do your homework before you invest in one.

Your local hardware store or garden center has a wide variety of garden tools that are not listed above and may be added when ever you feel the need to treat yourself with more gardening equipment.

* Sprayers
* Dusters
* Shredders (for the compost pile)
* Leaf rake
* Watering can
* Soaker hoses
* Drip irrigation systems
* Hand-held the three-pronged cultivator
* Hand-held trowel
* Fertilizer spreader
* Pruners and shears

Dick Murray is a retired urbanite who keeps his passion for gardening alive with pots of herbs on the window sills and the creation of
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basics. It is not the same as digging in the soil, but it works for him.

In this episode we are sharpening blades of garden tools. We also are
talking about the importance of keeping them sharp when it comes to
ease of use, and disease prevention.
Here is the link for the garden sharp tool for those interested:

Garden Guide Necessities Simple Tools

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