Garden Machinery: Five Basic Types For Your Home

Gardens are beautiful additions to any home. A well-manicure lawn and colourful flowers can add to the relaxing atmosphere of your abode. But it takes time, effort and money to be able to maintain a nice garden. With the help of basic garden machinery, though, you can keep your garden from growing weeds. Below are some of the most important garden tools that can help you maintain a beautiful, clean garden.

1. Auto-mowers. Auto-mowers, in a nutshell, are more intelligent lawn mowers–they mow grass automatically with the touch of a button. Now, you can have a nice, well-manicured lawn without having to exert much effort or sweat. You don’t even have to bribe your son to mow your lawn. This nifty garden machine can mow lawns up to 500 square metres in size and automatically moves to its charger once it’s done. There are even solar-powered auto-mowers that let you save on batteries and help save the environment, as well.

2. Garden blowers. Autumn can be very beautiful because of the bright colours of the trees’ leaves. However, this season also means falling leaves littering your lawn or garden. This is where garden blowers become handy. The more efficient garden blowers have three functions: blowing, shredding and vacuuming. On vacuum mode, the garden blower sucks up leaves and shreds them with a built-in blade. The blower mode, on the other hand, can help you direct leaves to form neat piles on your garden.

3. Garden cultivators. It is important to cultivate (or break up the top layer) of soil before planting anything in your garden. Cultivated soil allows a plant’s roots to easily access nutrients, air and water. Often, a till or fork can be used to cultivate soil manually but technological advancements have made this arduous task much easier. Automatic garden cultivators use rotating blades to break the soil and even loosen weeds from it. Hand-powered cultivators have long handles to make it easy to use whilst standing. There are also gas-powered cultivators available, which you can use if you have a large garden.

4. Hedge trimmers. Hedge trimmers, as their name suggests, are perfect tools for leveling unruly hedges and maintaining them. These handy tools come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Wide or long hedges require trimmers with longer blades, whilst hedge trimmers with thinner teeth are suitable for those that need to be regularly maintained. It’s also best to choose one that is about 3kg in weight, so you don’t get easily tired whilst trimming your hedges.

5. Flame guns. The name of this tool might fool you into thinking that it’s more suitable for a war zone rather than a garden, but flame guns are practical garden machines that can take the time and effort out of getting rid of weeds. Weeds can grow on any surface-such as graveled areas or paving stones and taking these out can be a time-consuming and arduous process. Use a flame gun to kill weeds easily–just make sure that the flames do not destroy the surface of the areas. You should also practice using a flame gun since this tool can be hard to wield and control.

Having a beautiful garden and a well-manicured lawn is easy and affordable now, thanks to the different garden machinery and tools available for your use. Although you might have to shell out money to buy them, these tools can help you keep an elegant, well-maintained and colourful garden for years to come.

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Basic Five Garden Home Machinery Types

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