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You need the correct type of garden tool to suit your particular garden. Most hardware stores carry a wide range of inexpensive tools, but you will need to visit specialist garden shops for the dearer high quality tools. Wherever you decide to shop you can find some good pointers here.

What is the size of your garden? A large garden might need bigger tools than a small plot.For instance a small grass lawn could be cut with a hand mower while larger swathes may require a ride on machine. Again who will be the main gardener? A short women would need lighter, shorter tools than a tall man .

When you buy secateurs make sure the blade always stays sharp to avoid damaging the plant. Look for models that have blades that can be sharpened or replaced, models with tension control and with sizes that best fit your hands. Secateurs usually cost around $ 50 – $ 130.

Hedge trimmers or shears are handy – but only if you have a hedge, or plan on growing one. Some hedge trimmers have curved blades to stop branches from sliding out when cut.

When buying forks only go for a cheap lighter tool if your soil is light. Heavier soil needs stout tools that can be more costly. The price range is between $ 30 to $ 100. They are used for digging soil and compost while letting the air get into it.

There is a difference between spades and shovels, the latter has a wide scooped blade for shifting soil and other material about, whilst a spade should have a narrower sharper blade for cutting through plants and soil and for edging beds and lawns. A spade is a “must have tool”, and the cost is small at between $ 30 and $ 50-.

A pruning saw is used for pruning trees and larger shrubs, while secateurs are for plants like roses. Pruning saws have a narrow curved blade that fits between stems or branches and easily and cuts them as you pull the saw backwards. They are approximately $ 27- $ 55.

To deal with small weeds you need a hoe. These come as push or Dutch hoes or draw or chipping hoes. the chipping hoes are not recommended as the jarring action can be harmful to the neck and shoulders.

A rake is also a basic requirement for the garden. The strong rake with the flat head and sharp metal prongs is used for smoothing a garden bed and getting out the last of the bumps and weeds. The plastic rake is used to gather leaves and grass clippings only.

Tool bargains can be found at markets and local sales reducing your outlay in the beginning .

Want to find out about herb gardens, then visit clive’s site on how to choose the best herb gardens for your needs.

Every day I maintain my long handled tools by cleaning them with a wire brush and sharpening them with a handy file. The next time I need the tool it is clean and sharp and ready to go. Maintain your long handled tools and be rewarded with tools that are ready to work.

This garden tool maintenance video will show exactly what you need to do to care for your garden tools.

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