Easy Maintenance Herb Gardens Right in Your Small Spaces

Gardening usually means extensive efforts and continuous expenses for most people. But you could actually have two herb gardens even with small spaces. The secret lies in pots. This technique is called container gardening.

You can have all sorts of containers – varied pots, galvanized steel or tin pails, old cook wares from casseroles to bowls, including the broken ones, old tires and just about any empty container you have.

When you have the containers and the herbs, you can start your petite gardens. But first, you have to thoroughly clean the containers, even if you are using brand new pots. They have to be dirt free so as to not allow early formation of moss, molds and unhelpful bacteria.

Below are two ways you can utilize the container gardening technique.

Indoor Herb Garden

Most annuals are suitable for indoor gardens. These are basil, anise, borage, geranium, chives, and rosemary. These herbs are usually low maintenance. They just need well tilled soil, minimal exposure to the sun and regular watering. Place them near window sills and door openings. However, each plant has different tolerance with sunlight. Some need full sunshine every once in a while like geraniums. It would be best that you post schedule or a timetable when to put your herbs outside.

Also, there are several ways to minimize space consumption. If your windows have railings, it would be suitable for hanging your pots in them with the use of plastic or metal chains. You could also place the containers on one side of your counter top or where it is most accessible to you when you are cooking.

For aromatic herbs, place them in tables where the most traffic in your house goes through. It would be even a refreshing centerpiece for your dining table. Instead of using potpourri in your bathroom, put the aromatic herbs near the toilet and the tub. You would notice that when your steam goes off, so does the scent of the plants. This is due to the reaction of the herbs’ essential oils reacting to some heat. Also, place a small pot of any aromatic herb that could help you relax before you go to sleep. A popular choice would be the lavender.

Outdoor Herb Garden

An outdoor garden is usually associated with vast lawns and wide-stretching backyards. Even if your outdoor lot is as small as a storage room, you still could have a nice outdoor garden. Most perennials and evergreens are suitable for outside environments. They need as much sunlight as they could have.

You can use old tires and variedly sized pots to create a tiered outdoor garden. Put the biggest pots on the bottom and pile up to the top having the smallest pots. This technique could give your herbs the right position to grow. Just be sure to take note that it is not necessary that the big pots contain the big plants. You could have the herbs with small root growth in clusters for more thickness. Choose deep pots for those with sporadic and expansive root growth. Place them in the middle of the tier. You can use any pot to contribute to the aesthetics of your outdoors.

With the container technique, having diverse herb gardens is truly possible to work for your comfort and convenience.

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Easy Gardens Herb Maintenance Right Small Spaces

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