Small Garden

Benefits of Having a Container Garden


by UGArdener Individuals who do not live in urban areas have the advantage of owning the space associated with a backyard in which to establish a backyard garden. They can establish and reap most any kind of fresh fruits, vegetables, and blossoms that they may prefer to have so long as those sorts of florae develop well in their climate. ...

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Choosing The Right Greenhouse For A Small Garden


by Jody Roberts Choosing the right greenhouse can be difficult if you have limited space in your garden. There are designs available that are suitable for smaller gardens, but you need to be sure that you choose a style that will leave you with plenty of space for the rest of your garden as well as providing plenty of room ...

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Forming A Rock Garden Is A blast


by Universal Pops (David) Most of us want to be close to nature but there is no way we can bring the entire beauties of nature in our yard. The solution lies in having small to medium sized garden in your backyard. But in current time, life has gone tough and it is hard for people to take few minutes ...

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Landscaping Tips for a Small Garden


by Baroness Zazou Rivera If you have got a tiny garden and you are still keen on making it interesting and appealing, you can adopt alternate ways to still come up with landscaping ideas that are acceptable for your garden’s size. Landscaping can be done both for gigantic and little areas. You just have to consider the different factors to ...

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How To Design A Small Backyard Garden


by Aris Tsag Small backyards can be found throughout Houston in neighborhoods like Upper Kirby, Rice Village, West U, and Bellaire. Houses in these neighborhoods can be very small, consisting of only one story and two or three bedrooms at the most. Many townhomes and patio homes are also found in these parts of town that have extremely small backyards ...

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Dedicating a Hope Patch as a Remembrance Garden

The idea for our first Hope Patch came as a remembrance garden. My wife’s uncle Don had just passed away. Don was a welder and one of his last gifts to us was a large, sturdy iron shepherd’s crook that would hold a flower basket. That following November, to celebrate All Soul’s Day at our parish, the staff distributed tulip ...

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Adding Beauty to Your Garden with an Arbor


by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Garden arbors are set up as shaded places in home gardens or public parks where one can relax and rest. These open frameworks are typically made of latticework or rustic work, functioning also as a trellis for climbing or creeping plants. Arbors can also be constructed for decks or patios. Today’s garden arbors were not ...

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Online shopping websites for garden equipment and tools


by Daniel Mennerich There are some tools that one must have in his home. These are called necessary equipment that make gardening and home maintenance an easy and hassle free affair. You need one and you have to buy one. Whichever tool you need, you can buy it at affordable price from online shopping websites. An online store can provide ...

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Charming Slides for the Garden


by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Slides are great playthings as far as boys and girls are concerned; they should be made available in every outdoor space such as playgrounds and school gardens. Any home with a garden space can have a slide. There are many types of slides for the garden. Range The market carries a wide range of slides ...

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