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Good deals on garden equipments are offered by none other than the equipment manufacturers. It surprises to see a manufacturer selling his tools on his own but it’s true. Some manufacturers simply don’t involve suppliers in the selling process. It helps them keep the costs of their machines, tools and accessories affordable.

How a manufacturer offers good deals?

For instance take a brush cutter that costs $ 100 to a manufacturer. It is the manufacturing cost of the tool. Or the manufacturer invests $ 100 in making a brush cutter. The manufacturer adds $ 20 as his profit and sells the brush cutter at $ 120. The tool comes with a warranty. If you buy the brush cutter from its manufacturer, you will pay $ 120.

Take another example of a manufacturer using supply chain to take his product to the markets. The manufacturer sells the brush cutter at $ 120 to a supplier, who further resells the tool to next supplier in the chain at $ 140. In this way, every supplier in the chain takes the cost of the brush cutter up by $ 20. If there are five suppliers in the chain, the brush cutter will cost $ 220 to the buyer. In this way, you can see that a buyer pays $ 100 extra for a tool that he can buy at $ 120 from the manufacturer of garden equipments.

People need quality garden equipments and for quality tools they are ready to pay any price. Suppliers take advantage of the demand of quality tools. They have set shops on the web and they give lucrative discounts to attract customers. A supplier can give you a brush cutter at reduce price but he can never give you a tool at the manufacturer’s cost.

For good deals on garden tools, you should always go to manufacturers and not suppliers. There are a number of manufacturers that make quality garden equipments and most of the manufacturers sell their products on their own. You might need doing a little Internet search to locate a reliable garden equipments manufacturer but this search can yield exciting results.

Good deals on farm tools can save you lot of money that can use in buying more tools. For instance you can buy a portable water pump, a long reach hedge trimmer and a handheld brush cutter with different attachments at cheap prices. In this way, you can make a set of necessary garden equipments without investing huge sume.

Lambert Weiss enjoys gardening in the evenings and the weekends with his family. Writing about gardening tools is a way for him to express and share his experiences. For more information visit good deals and multi tool.
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