Affordable and Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas

Use the egg shell trick
Grind egg shells using blender and sprinkle the egg powder on your garden soil. By using egg powder on your backyard gardening and rooftop gardening in Queens, New York or Brooklyn, will help your soil to absorb calcium that the egg shells provide.

Keep your pets out of your garden
Our pets have the tendency to ruin our garden. With their playful attitude, they can ruin our plants and our overall landscape. So to keep them away from our garden, we can use plastic forks in our garden. Just strategically place few plastic forks around your plants.

Use diapers to retain moisture
Retaining the moisture of potted plant can be a problem. To solve this common garden problem, place a clean diaper on the bottom of a potted plant to help keep the moisture longer. This is a great garden technique, especially during summer when the soil tends to get super dry.

Use Epsom Salt in your garden
Epsom salt works many wonders even in our gardens. It can help our gardens to be beautiful and healthy. Its magnesium and sulfate content is very good in every plant life. So the next time that you will water your plant, mix some tablespoon of Epsom Salt in the water. Do this once or twice a month. You can also directly sprinkle the salt on your garden soil.

Use citrus fruits
Plant some seedling on citrus peel like lemon. You will be surprised at how cute this will be. But you will be more surprised how it can help nourish your plant.

Use eggshells
Aside from boosting the calcium of your garden soil, it is also recommended to plant your seed on eggshells indoor before you plant them outside. Eggshells are the perfect pots for your plants because they are full of calcium. They are also not expensive.

Grow roses using potatoes
To grow beautiful roses, put rose trimmings into a small potato. The small potato will help the roots of the roses to have the moisture it needs.

These are just some tips to help you with your rooftop gardening in Brooklyn and Queens as well as your backyard gardening in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

affordable Clever Gardening Ideas Tips

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