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Enjoy Fresh Italian Herbs Year Round


by vagueonthehow Growing your own herbs in an Italian herb garden provides a huge amount of possibilities. Italy is home to some of the most delicious herbs in the world. What are some popular Italian herbs? Basil is a well know Italian herb and useful in many Italian recipes. Basil will not only add flavor to many Italian cuisines, it ...

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Do-It-Yourself Garden Landscaping


by Martin Beek Take advantage of these free landscaping tips and design ideas to assist you in creating an attractive landscape for all of the year. Layer your plants according to size Home garden landscapes are predominately concerned with harmony, including the plants you choose. If you “layer” the plantings in around three or four rows, with the tallest plants ...

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Top 10 elements of garden design


by ccarlstead There are a few garden design rules to follow, but there is no police who comes and forces you to follow them. So, don’t worry; you are doing it to please yourself and not anyone else. So, you can modify them and give a personalised look to your garden. There are ten main elements of garden design. So, ...

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All About The Importance Of Garden Space For Residential And Commercial Spaces


by Daniel Mennerich You must have seen that ancient palaces had huge gardens and were erected on strikingly green landscape. In early times, people really valued nature and they loved planting trees around their homes and commercial spaces. However, as time changed urban settlements started to look more like a concrete jungle. Nowadays, very few people understand the importance of ...

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How To Plan Your Outdoor Herb Garden


by Muffet Before you take this next step, it’s time to choose the herbs that you want to plant. There are several that are popular. Just look at the jars of dried ones in your kitchen cupboard. What others might you add for a variety of other needs, like teas and home remedies? There are three types of herbs: annual, ...

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Outdoor Flower Planters


by Mexicanwave When decorating your porch or patio, it is nice to add a bit of life and color by adding some beautiful flowers. Many people like to grow large flower bushes in their garden, but often these flower bushes simply require far too much maintenance and constant care to keep them alive, especially in dry or hot climates. Using ...

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Gardening – Cultivating An Organic Small Garden


by Polybert49 In previous times, people grew fruits, crops and vegetables on farm using natural fertilizers. Although it was a slow process but the quality of food grown through this method is what one desires for. With the improvement in science and technology, new methods and techniques to grow crops were quickly invented. With the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ...

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Planting And Designing By Millersville Garden Landscaping Company

Ascott House Gardens, Buckinghamshire, UK | National Trust garde

by ukgardenphotos When thinking of wonderful items and plants to use in your garden, try hiring Millersville Garden Landscapers. They can design the most fabulous garden you can imagine. They work beautifully with gravel and rock, boulders and walkways. They create wonderful stepping stone areas of flagstone and other pavers that lead to the beauty of the different garden spaces ...

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